About Comedy Events

laughing-photographer.jpgAll the archived pictures on this site are from events and functions that "C" is for Comedy performed at and/or produced. Some of the pictures are a little blurry and look like this but that is because the photographer was laughing or they are screen captures of videos. Regardless I think it is important to supply “in the trenches” photographic evidence of what we have done rather than platitudes and promises or studio pictures. Past behaviour is an indication of future success and all that.

Our goal is to provoke laughter and since 1990 I have been fortunate to work with some amazing talent. We also strive to be original and unique that is why many of our clients have used our services year after year.

I have been called a "comic impresario" by Alan Hindle of Terminal City and "one of the funniest minds in Vancouver" by Barbara Crook of The Vancouver Sun and I have won or been nominated for a bunch of awards.

I look forward to creating something fun for you.