Core Values


  1. Funner, Funny, Fun – it’s got to make you laugh.
  2. Be Unique: Hereunto unseen wonder – it should be surprising.
  3. Diversity in every aspect – from presentation to casting.
  4. Ethics – We will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.
  5. Personalize each experience – we work with clients to create their show.
  6. Guaranteed satisfaction – we stand by all our performers.
  7. Evaluation - we actively seek feedback from clients and talent and publicly display the results.
  8. Nothing sexist, racist or homophobic and be religiously and politically tolerant – hate is not funny.
  9. Trust Experience – work with respected and recognized artists.
  10. Seek New Talent – discover new artists and help them develop to be the funniest they can be.

Have only ten core values.